Sanskrit Hindi Poster Maker

Create Sanskrit Posters

Sanskrit Hindi Poster Maker & Image Editor App is designed to help scholars and students with curricular and extra-curricular activities. This app allows you to Create and Edit designs. Sanskrit text can be placed and pictures can be edited to suit our need.
Also you can edit any Devanagari language like Hindi or Marathi.



Sanskrit Inspires Us

We, the ‘Livesanskrit’, is a collective of
Sanskrit teachers in Kerala inspired from the core of the ancient language come forward with an intension of rejuvenate the language.

The ‘Livesanskrit’ is executing various projects and programmes for introducing the heritage and competence of the language to the new generation. We replicate the ‘Amaravani’ to the new generation in digital platforms as well as traditional formats. We have set the platform, irrespective of your knowledge in Sanskrit, for all to nurture the language.



Share your greetings in Sanskrit

While our hearts are murmerring the lofty messages to our beloved once during the era of socialmedia, we can convey the messages through our Vedic language, ”Sanskrit” to the aeons to come.

The SansGreet app, an android application for sharing greetings in Sanskrit, is an innovative creation of the collective. Now we are providing an update to the app, in which a sender can use his or her photographs along with their name for every occasion. Here sharing greetings in Sanskrit become an activity of cultural transfer as well as a service to the nation since the ‘Livesanskrit’ creates greeting cards through its ‘SansGreet’ app suitable for every occasion, including the birthday or death anniversary of eminent personalities through social media platforms.



Film Projects

The team Livesanskrit has set a model for the film industry by produce the great movies like Anurakti and Namo. Ongoing projects on short films covering visualization of a broad spectrum of current affairs having ultimate importance.



& Sanskrit Perodical

Collaborating re-release of the periodical Bharatamudra, started by Sri Ashokan Puranatukara, to meet the modern requirements.


Sanskrit Workshops

Workshops and trainings

To promote Sanskrit and sensitize the
educational institutions on the significance of the language in the modern world, we conduct seminars, and webinars, workshops and training programs as well as text book preparations and tutorials for Sanskrit students and scholars.



Learning tools

to make Sanskrit learning easier

We create text books, study materials,  video lessons, tutorials to make the Sanskrit learning easier.


Dyuti Sanskrit Riders

Get ready for a ride

Arranging trips or tours for the language lovers to the places which a close connection with this language.


Upcoming Projects

Apps | Documentary | Short Films

Where ever you, we invite your creations in Sanskrit to share on the common platform. We can share it, discuss it and explore the
possibilities of the ‘Amaravani’.

The father of Sanskrit film.

The Team LiveSanskrit brings before you the excellent documentation of great G.V Iyer, his life and contributions to the Sanskrit language especially through Sanskrit films.