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गांगेयं पीयूषम्

'सम्मोहयन्ते कवयो जगन्ति' इति आप्तवाक्यं प्रमाणीकर्तुं नैकानि उत्तमोदाहरणानि काव्यजगति उपलभ्यन्ते। कवित्वं संस्कारविशेषः इत्यत्र नैव संशीतिः। तथापि तदा एव कवित्वं सफलं भवति यदा उत्तमं काव्यं सृजति। काव्यञ्च तदा एव सफलतां याति यदा सहृदयैः आस्वाद्यते।कालिदासादिषु...

सविशेषता निरूपणम्

सविशेषता निरूपणम्

सविशेषता निरूपणम्। वण् प्लस् ७ प्रो (Oneplus 7pro) अभ्यन्तरम् (Internal) राम् (RAM) ६ /८ /१२ जि बि । १२८ / २५६ जि बि संग्रहः। छायाग्रहिणी (Camera) प्रथान -४८,८,१६ एम् पि पूरतवर्ति १६ एम् पि प्रदर्शकम् (DISPLAY) Fluid AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors आकारम्...

Greet With Sansgreet

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While our hearts are murmerring the lofty messages to our beloved once during the era of socialmedia, we can convey the messages through our Vedic language, ”Sanskrit” to the aeons to come.

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The thoughts which lead us

There are several reasons that point towards the fact that Sanskrit is the mother of many languages in the world. Numerous values and concepts for a better world can be found in this language. World peace, lokāḥ samastāḥ sukhino bhavantu. Let this be the ultimate aim of all the thoughts which emerge from this language. Many theories about the origin of this classical language are in existence now. We, being the consistent learners of Sanskrit do believe that the language must have taken at least 5000 years to reach this state of development. The language with its universal and cultural concepts will flow for many many decades. It would be and should be the food for thought for the coming generations. May the mere insights into this language boost our wisdom. We fervently hope the rich culture of India reign supreme with the propagation of this divine language, Sanskrit.

dhiyo yo naḥ pracodayāt.

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